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You are already an operator in the music business and you ever wondered how to get access and become a digital music distributor yourself, you tried many ways but you did not succeed and nobody explained you how to do it, what do you need to be successful and what the requirements are.
We, the professionals in publishing and distribution since the pre-digital era, know exactly what to do, and we succeeded in creating markets and businesses for million dollars in revenue so far.
We are giving you an easy access to all our resources, easily and without any complication.


Our system is a so called "white label platform" which allows you to fully personalize it with your corporate image, your logo, your colours and so on, and does not contain any third party reference or name including ours.
You just need a domain.
If you would need help in how to set up your whitelabel, our IT specialists will do it for you.


Our system is in continue evolution and upgrade, giving you powerful, top notch and up-to-date tools and analytics for running your business safely by the usage of a robust interface that it is also very easy to use.


You will receive a start-up training session which explains you how to use our system, directly with an english speaking dedicated manager.
We also run webinars to discuss and update you about the new features and all the resources are available both in downloadable pfds and in videos.
We do not leave a single question or topic unattended as you need to know everything and be the expert in your market.


We are a business based in London, which is a one of the major Music Industry hub.
All the new solutions arrive and are developed by us, as well as we are set up in one of the best jurisdictions for Music Industry.

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Contract if you have any further question.
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